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Pike Street Hospitality Group 


Travis Rosenthal has used his 30 years of food and beverage operational restaurant experience to consult others in the hospitality service industry.  Travis and the Pike Street Hospitality Group Consulting team can offer many different services including the following:

  • Review financials and streamline costs for an existing operation by setting up inventory systems.

  • Establish a market value for a restaurant and/or the property and list the restaurant business/property for sale if the owner desires.

  • Jump into the operations and manage a restaurant or bar for a limited time or on a more permanent basis.

  • Take over an existing proven concept and make subtle changes to help the concept evolve for the next generation of guests (ex. Agua Verde Café, Tango Restaurant)

  • Work with architects and general contractors to come up with a concept, design it, oversee the construction, open it and operate it (ex. Rumba and Inside Passage)

Past Seattle Consulting 



Eastlake Neighborhood, Seattle, WA

Travis was brought in to take over operations for an owner with health issues and oversaw the entire operation of two large full-service restaurants. He ran weekly management meetings, helped with a small bar redesign and hired a new general manager to oversee operations.


Belltown Neighborhood, Seattle, WA

This classic neighborhood bar/theater wanted to add food service.  Travis hired a chef and a sous chef and worked with the new team to create a new food menu for the space.

Undisclosed Food and Beverage Company

Georgetown Neighborhood, Seattle, WA

A food and beverage company was looking to get a value for their operation in order to try and decide whether to keep the company or sell it to their current management team.  Travis came up with a valuation for the company and worked with the current management team to see if it made sense to sell the company or to continue to operate it as is.

Undisclosed Catering Company

Bellevue, WA

Travis gave a value of the operations and helped negotiate a lease with the landlord and tenant to allow the catering company to stay in their space for a newly negotiated five year option.

Undisclosed Restaurant

Capitol Hill Neighborhood, Seattle, WA

Travis came up with a way to convert the full service concept to fast casual to lower labor and allow a small 800 square foot space more opportunity for higher sales.  A budget was created to show the potential sales and profits for the new style of service in a very seasonal restaurant.

PSHG Consulting 


Initial one hour meeting is free.  Additional hours are billed at $200 an hour. 

Monthly/yearly management fees are negotiable depending on size and scope of project.



or just message us, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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